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Special Services

For the first time when somebody gains entrance into they would say that it is just a simple wholesaler website selling mobile phones just like many others available on the market. That is undeniably true, although our interface goes beyond our wide range of mobile device supply and provides further opportunities which are considered one of its kind on the market and they are up to the customer to put them to good use. You can read about these briefly below. If you wish to know more about them just click on the “Read more…” sign.

Delayed Ordering

Keep the orders open for 24-hours adding as many items you want and when time is up your order is automatically processed!

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Incoming Stock

Want to plan ahead and know what merchandise is incoming? Go ahead and take a look at the daily updated list to see what is expected!

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My Wishlist

You don’t find the phones you are looking for in our catalogue? No problem! Tell us which models you are looking for and we are going to do our best to get them for you!

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N.A.T.M. System

Having trouble updating your inventory in your website each and every day? Just a few clicks and our warehouse becomes your warehouse!

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The list will not end here our team is constantly looking at the market demands and working on other solutions to be introduced to enhance the effectiveness of the procurement process for all of our partners.